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Vietnam is the destination of photographers in the world, You join with VIetnam-Phototours to guide you to all places, capture the natural beauty of the country, people, nature, traditional craft, culture ... of Vietnam.
Vietnam-Phototours have different Photo Tours package: Several days, few days, or a day to match the weather of the place of destination and especially suitable for your stay in Vietnam.
Join us for a wonderful journey of art photography in Vietnam.

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Phan Rang – Nha Trang – Hon Khoi

Time: From evening March 30, 2018 to April -1, 2018 Pick up passengers at Saigon Railway Station Departure ...

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Phan Rang – Nha Trang – Hon Khoi

Characteristics of Cham culture are from words, scripts, from the art and techniques of shaping earthen towers, stone statues, to embroidered fabrics, knitting, brocade weaving, or pottery and utensils for daily life. Cham people are always proud of ancient Cham towers built with terracotta. The image of ancient Cham dancers was carved into the temples, in which the Tra Kieu women's sculpture was one of the masterpieces. As part of the national culture, Cham folk architecture also has a long history and tradition. The hands and the creative mind of the Cham people clarify the richness, diversity and help us see the cultural exchange, the process of development of the people. Brocade is a traditional Cham profession. When the girls are to the age of marrying, they all know how to weave. Scarves, robes are considered as a measure of the resourcefulness of the Cham girls.




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