Can Tho City (Vietnam) Opened The Trial Court Of The Case Which Was Intentionally Caused Injury By Acid Leading To The Suffering Of Two Beautiful Young Girls For Their Whole Life

On 2nd August, the People’s Court of Binh Thuy district, Can Tho City opened the trial court of the case which was intentionally caused injury by acid leading to the suffering of two beautiful young girls for their whole life.

According to the indictment, Nguyen Ngoc Thao (born in 1988) and Nguyen Thi Diem S. (born in 1995) were in love with each other. In October, 2017, Ms. S wanted to break up with Mr. Thao because she felt no longer in love with him but he did not agree.

After that, Thao asked Nguyen Ngoc D. (born in 2000, cousin of Ms. S) to help him heal his relation with Ms. S. but D. did not accept so Thao got angry and planned to revenge both sisters.

Making his thought become reality, on November 8, 2017, after leaving Ho Chi Minh city for Can Tho, Thao came to Ninh Kieu market (iron market) to buy 1 liter of acid at the price of 25,000 dong in two plastic bottles. Then Thao asked his friend named Nguyen Kim Hoang (born in 1992) to carry him to go to splash acid on Ms. S, but Hoang refused. However, Hoang asked his friend named Bui Phuoc Tuan (born in 1995) to help Thao and Tuan agreed with the pay of 1 million dong.

At 19 h on the same day, Thao and Hoang went to coffee and met S. and D. driving then they took their motorbike to chase them. After passing a stretch of road, they met Tuan. Thao carried acid, got on Tuan’s motorbike chasing S. and D. while Hoang came back.

When going to the empty road, taking advantage of the dark night, Thao splashed the two acid mugs into the two sisters S. and then ran away. Being attacked, the two victims covered their faces with their hands, fell down on the road and yelled for help. The nearby people took them to the hospital.

Since the burn was too severe, Ms. D. was transferred to Cho Ray Hospital (HCM city) for treatment. As consequence, D was suffered acid burn destroying her entire face, multi burns, left eye and left ear injuries, the injury rate was 54%. Ms. S. was also burned the face and many parts of the body, the injury rate was 37%.

During his escape to Ho Chi Minh City, Thao returned to the hospital to visit S. and considered nothing had happened. Taking part in the investigation, Police arrested Thao, Tuan and Hoang shortly afterwards.

At the court, the defendants admitted their crime and claimed that they were not aware of the serious consequences of the crime. The defendants – Tuan and Hoang said that they only knew that Thao wanted to hit two sisters S., without knowing that the action will be acid splashing.

The court found the defendants’ behaviors were dangerous to the society and seriously infringed on the health of others. It was necessary to apply hard punishment and strict judgment to prevent similar crimes happening.

At the end of the court, the jury sentenced Nguyen Ngoc Thao to 12 years in prison, Bui Phuoc Tuan to 9 years in prison (together with the judgment of the O Mon District People’s Court, total sentence of Tuan is 9 years and 9 months imprisonment), Nguyen Kim Hoang to 5 years in prision. The defendants are responsible for compensating the two victims: Thao would compensate 170.5 million dong, Tuan would compensate 102 million dong and Hoang’s compensation would be 64.7 million dong (deducted 3.5 million dong for previous consequence remedy).

The trial closed, the culprit has been in prison and the two victims will bear a physical and mental pain throughout their lives that will never be recovered.

Acid splashing behavior for destroying others’ bodies is the ultimate cruelty, which must be eliminated and severely treated to warn and prevent similar crimes in life. Authorities need to manage hazardous chemicals that affect human health. At the same time, it is necessary to propagate information to help people understand and be aware of the dangers as well as avoid the same cruelty.

After the verdict, the families of the defendants and victims rushed in a scuffle causing a riot in the courtroom. The defendant’s family claims just to bear imprisonment and will not compensate

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After the verdict, the families of the defendants and victims rushed in a scuffle causing a riot in the courtroom. The defendant’s family claims just to bear imprisonment and will not compensate.


Victim. D at the time of treatment at Cho Ray Hospital (HCM city)