It Seems That This Place Has Seduced Me Not Only The Beauty Of Nature Offered To Ninh Binh

I came to Ninh Binh many times to take photos, it seems that this place has seduced me not only the beauty of nature offered to Ninh Binh, but also the hard-working and friendly people in the countryside. They gave me the impression in each photo.

The beauty of Ninh Binh nature is the beauty of Hoa Lu ancient capital, the worship of Phat Diem stone church, the skillful “shaped” masterpiece of the Creator in the Trang An ecological caves, Tam Coc – Bich Dong … or the unique in the diverse flora and fauna of Van Long wetland nature reserve … This place has been praised many times in literature, poetry, painting and photography.

Beautiful scenery is not the only one Ninh Binh has.

But with me .. the feeling is always attached to the villagers, who are countryside, diligent workers and are neighbors that love and help each other and have a sense of nature conservation for the next generation.

With poetic and majestic natural beauty, Ninh Binh has become an ideal destination for overseas film crews in recent times.

Especially, in the movie Kong: Skull Island, there are many scenes in Ninh Binh’s tourist spots such as Trang An, Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Van Long Ecotourism Area.

Wake up very early, in front of you the sun shines behind the limestone mountains and lights up under the water, which is like a sparkling picture from the kaleidoscope lens to give you a look at the masterpiece the Creator gives you every day.

End of the day, return to the hotel a little bit late, then you will be able to relish the beauty of the sunset gradually turned down and hidden behind mountains or in the yellow rice fields.

Come to Ninh Binh in June every year .. It will be better than what I write here!

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