Mother Taking Children Places To Try Out In Life. (Through Technichal Moving Images Gif)

There are many methods of teaching children, bring them along when you go out, in fact the environment around them is the best teacher for them.

Everything that happen around them will create an impact that carved deeply in the memory – the easiest lesson to remember is aproaching the environment around – the children shall know sympathy, distinguish between right and wrong.

That is what make this method stand out and reign over methods like reading books or watching movies..

To the mind of children the world around them are brand new, lively, attractive and simulating that why they feel and learn quicker than reading a book or playing with their parent’s smartphones.

For example looking at a picture of a heavy rock without picking it up wont make them feel their weight – the bubble painted on the book wont be as interesting as creating process of them and the height in which they will fly – why the pinwheel spin when it stands in the wind…

The nature school is built by family and you will see the difference it makes.

You can’t give up on things your child deserve, let start giving them these experiences from their childhood.

Everything in life is a trial, have your child try them out as soon as possible and finally the wisdom will come to them through their everyday activities…

More info:

Mother will spend her youth for your childhood remember to spend some of your youth for your when she old.

If you don’t want the bubble to pop don’t blow but if you want to see their beauty go for it without fear.

Don’t play with those who stick their tonges out to you play with those who smile to you

Too many car, mother – don’t worry child cross the road and find your path

Being a girl you definitely have to know how to cook. Atleast you need to blow you love in your own meal.

When you grown up you will wish to be little again and your mom will wish for time to stop to have you on you’re her chest forever.

A mossy rock is the same as a dirty hand though dirty but full of experiences.

If you sad, limited it to today. Tomorrow send it through the smoke in the wind.

Child! Know that with enough sunlight the flower will bloom, with enough wind the pinwheel will spin and with enough love happiness is abundant.

Life is like a train on the rail you can only go forward.