Mr. Chien’s Hair Is About 4 Meters Long And Sticking Together And Winding Like A Dragon’s Tail.

Mr Nguyen Van Chien, who is 91 years old (2018) in Dau hamlet, Dong Hoa Commune, has the longest hair (nearly 4 meters). He is living alone in a small shrine. Mr. Chien said, they have lived peacefully in shire to nourish old age for decades. Mr. Chien’s hair is about 4 meters long and sticking together and winding like a dragon’s tail.

At the age of 10, the family family continuity was “Keep intact like birth”, long hair was not cut to “worship” the parents according to ”Four boons and Dutiful” and loyal faith. Since then, their hair has grown longer to nearly 4 meters in width and was neatly folded on top of the head.

In the years 1970 – 1975, they joined to be students of Mr Dao Dua. Over the past 40 years, they have not wash their long hair without smelling nasty and insect bites.

Although long hair has a weight of 2 – 3kg always on the top of the head, they can live and work as normal people over the years.

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