The Golden Teeth Of The Ethnic Minorities Of Vietnam

In the northern mountainous area of Vietnam, there are many people of ethnic minority having custom of sticking “golden teeth”. This is a jewelry form transferred from the past custom.

The old custom of sticking golden teeth of ethnic minority in the mountainous areas considers that golden covering for incisor, molar, strong teeth, chipped teeth for the purpose of: making the ghost, fierce animals in the forest of high trees not misunderstand human as wild animals, they will not eat or tease. Because there is no species in the world having “golden teeth” except our human.

However today they like to have golden teeth as a jewelry for their body and like to posture when having golden teeth in their mouths.

The people with shining golden teeth have been recognized a very popular posturing rule in the mountainous that if only a golden tooth is made, the man will “ dye yellow “ their left upper molar ; in contrast with woman who will cover their right lower molar with “ gold color”. However, with people who wrap their 3 to 6 teeth with bright yellow, they will disregard the right or the left, “rule” of man or woman. Their thinking rule is having as much “gold” as possible at any price.

The golden teeth mentioned here are not a real gold 100% but a golden colored alloy, so the cost of sticking golden teeth is very cheap, about several hundred thousand dongs (VND) and many people regularly coming from the far communities in mountain to the house of workman in the center of the town to queue for being wrapped golden teeth…because the alloy material is not known about its quality so people cannot foresee its bad effect to their health.

If you have chance to go to the fair in Hoang Su Phi high land; Quan Ba Ha Giang; Bac Ha Lao Cai, you will see many women and men with golden teeth which will catch your attention from distance when they are talking or smiling.

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